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Procurement Activity Monitoring Tool (PAMT) has been developed to record dates of all procurement activities and related information contract-wise in a relational database for procurement of goods and works packages under ADB funded projects. The web-based tool also displays delay time, when applicable, and requires the users to input reason(s) for delay for further analysis to facilitate reducing delay, which is the key objective for this tool in addition to real time monitoring of procurement activities.

The tool generates customized reports for users at project and portfolio level to monitor procurement activity as well as to evaluate the timeliness of each activity. The tool obtains package details automatically from existing procurement plan (in Excel format with appropriate data field). It can also generate updated procurement plan in standard template prescribed by Public Procurement Rules 2008, goods-wise and works-wise.

PAMT provides a common source of information for procurement monitoring for the executing/implementing agencies and ADB, and aims to facilitate achieving timely project completion.

Message and Notification

5 April 2018: PAMT App was launched on Android Version

PAMT was launched by Bangladesh Resident Mission [ADB] BRM on 17 December 2014

Training on PAMT was held on 17 December 2014

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